A List of Tequila Drink Recipes That You Should Not Be Without


Nearly every person is familiar with the liquor tequila; most have also experienced the aftereffects of drinking too much of it periodically. If you’re like most people, though, you don’t realize that tequila isn’t just good for doing a round of shots with your friends. The remainder of this guide features recipes for a selection of tequila drinks that you, your friends, and your family are sure to love.

You won’t fully appreciate the recipes in this guide unless you recognize that there are multiple forms of tequila brands from which consumers like you can choose. Tequila is available in four main versions. These are generally referred to as blanco, oro, resposado, and anejo; English speakers tend to know them as silver, gold, rested, and aged. All four styles have distinct characteristics.

Anejo tequilas, for example, are aged for eight or more years in white oak barrels. Blanco tequilas, though, are put into their bottles right after being distilled; these are conventional, harsh tasting tequilas. As you look over the following recipes, it is important to bear in mind that the higher-quality tequila brands you buy, the better your drinks will ultimately taste.

Consider a Fruity Paloma Brava Cocktail

The Paloma Brava is a cocktail that is made with tequila and features fruit-infused flavors. Know more about it when you go to the site at http://eatocracy.cnn.com/2012/07/24/national-tequila-day/. Simply mix your oro tequila of choice with grapefruit soda, lime juice, and a squeeze of fresh orange juice. The Paloma Brava, which some drinkers like to garnish with salt, is meant to be served in a highball glass.

Strawberry-Balsamic Tequila Sours Are Surprisingly Good

You’re not alone if you became skeptical about this drink about reading it’s name. While balsamic vinegar is far from being a classic cocktail feature, it provides a caramel tone that perfectly complements the sweetness of strawberries and the sourness of lime juice in this beverage.

Tangerine Ginger Margaritas Are Unique

Almost everyone has had a margarita at least once in his or her life; this tequila-based beverage typically has oro tequila in it. If you are ready for a brand new type of margarita, add in juice from a slice of tangerine, a bit of pomegranate juice, and a tiny amount of ginger on top of the beverage.

The Vampira Is Ideal For Bloody Mary Fans

Bloody Mary cocktails have something of a cult following; people tend to either love them or abhor them. The Vampira is a tequila-based cocktail that is quite similar to a Bloody Mary. Learn more about them when you view these tequila reviews on twitter. It contains a splash of lemon juice, some grapefruit soda, and hot sauce.

Try a Bee Sting If You Want a Spicy Beverage

Bee Stings are unique beverages that are crafted with resposado tequila, juice from jalapeno peppers, lemon juice, and some honey. Although these are immensely spicy, they are certainly worth trying out!


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